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image of Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo

We welcome back the star of “Long Island Medium,” Theresa Caputo to the show. We talk about the double-digit seasons of the show, her pandemic-borne podcast, and how you can see Theresa as she hits the road and tours across the country.

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image of Steve Zirnkilton

Steve Zirnkilton

Steve Zirnkilton joins us to talk about his 30-year role as the voice of Law & Order and as a voice-over artist. Randy and Steve talk about how technology has changed the arc of voice acting as well as the new Dick Wolf True-Crime Docuseries ‘Blood & Money’ coming to CNBC.

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image of Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn

We welcome actress Anna Gunn, star of the hit series “Breaking Bad” to the show. We chat about her role in the brand new “Most Dangerous Game: New York” coming to the Roku Channel. Anna stars alongside Christoph Waltz in this great adaptation of Richard Connell’s 1924 short story.

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image of Michael Gelman

Michael Gelman

We check in with the Executive Producer of “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan,” Michael Gelman BEFORE the Academy Awards. We talk about how his show is returning to the red carpet for the festivities as well as some pre-Oscars predictions

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image of Mike Sarraille

Mike Sarraille

We are always happy to welcome Navy SEALS to the program, and today we speak with Mike Sarraille about his new book, The Everyday Warrior: A No-Hack, Practical Approach to Life. Mike and Randy talk about how we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to realizing our fullest potential, and how having a positive outlook can have a life-altering effect on our lives.

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image of Johanna Siegmann

Johanna Siegmann

We speak with Johanna Siegmann, the photographer and author of In Good Company (Notable People with their Pets) to talk about the special relationship between pets and their (celeb) owners. Randy and Johanna talk about a few of the dignitaries that are featured in the book, as well as how she wound up putting the collection together.

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image of Chloe Melas

Chloe Melas

We welcome CNN Entertainment Correspondent, Chloe Melas, to the show. Chloe is behind the republishing of her WWII airman grandfather Frank Murphy’s harrowing memoir —Luck of the Draw: My Story of the Air War in Europe — more than 20 years after it was originally published. She and Randy also talk about how her Grandfather is set to be depicted in the upcoming Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air, which is being produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

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image of Jon-Taffer

Jon Taffer

We welcome back Jon Taffer to the show to talk about the newest season of Bar Rescue available on Paramount. Randy and Jon talk about the restaurant industry, new revenue opportunities, what foods travel well (and don’t) and why restaurants must be open to reinventing themselves.

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image of Charles Esten

Charles Esten

We welcome star of Outer Banks, Nashville, and Whose Line is It Anyways?, Chip Esten, to the program. We talk about his creative endeavors, how the success of his show has interrupted his family’s vacations, and much more in this entertaining interview.

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image of Keanu and Randy

Keanu Reeves

We welcome one of our favorite Hollywood actors, Keanu Reeves, to the show to talk about the newest installment of the John Wick franchise to hit the theaters: John Wick: Chapter 4. Randy and Keanu discuss his role in this latest offering as well as some of his favorite memories from the previous films. We thank Keanu and all the people at Lionsgate for hosting The National Defense out in Tinseltown!

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image of Michelle Axmaker

Michelle Axmaker

In this segment, we welcome K-9 Manager and Trainer for Warrior’s Heart, Michelle Axmaker, to the show. She talks about the work that she does with dogs and fostering the connection between dogs and man. Michelle and Randy discuss all the time and work that goes into training a dog to work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. Thanks to Michelle and Warriors Heart for the work they do in serving both the human and animal community.

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image of Billy Billingham

Billy Billingham

We welcome Billy Billingham to the show. He is the former British Special Forces Operative, Body Guard, and the new Directing Staff Agent on the new Fox show, “Special forces: World’s Toughest Test,”. He and other military pros push celebrities to the limit.

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