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Paul Holes

Randy welcomes Paul Holes, a retired cold case investigator who specialized in serial predator crimes and known for his contributions to solving the Golden State Killer case using advanced methods of identifying the killer with DNA and genealogy technology. Since retiring in March 2018, Holes has contributed to books, television, and podcasts about the Golden State Killer and true crime. Randy and Paul discuss his new TV show “Real Life Nightmare” on HLN.

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Diane Hight

We welcome the founder of Forever Young Veterans, Diane Hight, to the show to talk about her desire to give back to World War II veterans. She shares about her own father’s struggles following his time in theater, and how she realized how many of our veterans are suffering silently with trauma from their time in uniform. We also talk about some of the stories in her new book, and salute her for her work in improving the lives of all our veterans.

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Scott Barnett

We welcome Scott Barnett, VP and General Manager of Lumen’s DoD sector. We discuss the new contract with the Department of Defense totaling $1.5 Billion for Defense Information Systems Network for the Asia-Pacific region. Randy and Scott discuss the 20 plus years of mission support that Lumen has offered the Department of Defense and what we can expect from their future.

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Greg Wark

Randy welcomes author Greg Wark to the program to discuss his new book: The Warfighter’s Soul: Engaging in the Battle for the Warrior’s Soul.” This book explains the trauma and depression that attack veterans and offers proven strategies to combat this enemy. His book is for veterans, those who know a veteran, and those entering the military. It will prepare readers to face the unseen enemy that buries itself in a veteran’s soul.

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Todd Skiles

We welcome Army veteran and Ryder Logistics, Inc. Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Supply Chain Solutions, Todd Skiles, to the program. Randy and Todd discuss his Army career, and how Ryder appealed to his skillset in logistics. Ryder Logistics is making great strides to hire veterans. We salute Ryder for their efforts and for putting our veterans to work in great jobs!

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Denim Richards

We welcome actor Denim Richards, who plays Colby on Paramount+’s smash hit “Yellowstone” to talk about the upcoming BRAND NEW season five of the series. Randy and Denim talk about the excitement surrounding the show, this new season, working with Kevin Costner, and much more. Randy’s happy; “Yellowstone” is back!

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John Michael Higgins

Randy welcomes one of his favorite comedic actors and hosts, John Michael Higgins, to the program to talk about ALL of the fantastic movies in which he’s appeared. We also chat about his upcoming project “Pickled” on CBS which is raising money for a great cause alongside Stephen Colbert, Will Farrell, and many more, all playing Pickleball.

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Jerry O’Connell

We welcome the star of many of our favorite movies and TV shows, actor Jerry O’Connell, to the show to talk about his long-running acting career. Randy and Jerry talk about a funny story centering around baseball and Gary Sinise as well as his new host role on Mattel’s “Pictionary” game show. Thanks to Jerry for his work and for appearing on The National Defense.

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David Bellavia

We welcome back the only Iraq war living Medal of Honor recipient, David Bellavia, to the program to check in on what he’s been up to since we last spoke to him. David share war-stories, both from his time in Iraq, as well as hosting his own radio show in Buffalo. David has written a new book “Remember the Ramrods” and he and Randy talk about this fascinating new project.

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Madison Malloy

We welcome former Wall Street guru to stand-up comedian, Madison Malloy to the program to talk about her new book “Time to Lighten the **** Up: A Self-Help Guide with A Side of Humor,” her debut self-help guide. Randy and Madison talk about her career transition and some of the ideas she covers in her brand-new book. Packed with Madison’s quick wit and unconventional wisdom, “Time to Lighten the **** Up” is equal parts self-help and belly laughs.

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Terrance Glover

We welcome retired U.S. Army Specialist Terrance Glover to the program to talk about his time spent in the military and his transition to the civilian world when his time was up in the Armed Forces. Randy and Terrance discuss his initial rough transition phase from uniformed service turned into becoming a Vice President for T-Mobile. Thanks to T-Mobile for all the work they do supporting our veterans, our active-duty military, and their families!

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Shannon Gerber

We welcome back one of our longest-running partners on the Radio Show, and the Executive Director of the incredible Home Depot Foundation to the program: Shannon Gerber. The Home Depot Foundation has ponied up INCREDIBLE amounts of money to support veteran service organizations and is well on its way to hitting a half BILLION dollars in improving the homes and the lives of those who have served our country.

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