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Eden Carr

Randy speaks with Eden Carr, Fundraising Events Director for Wounded Warrior Project, about the Carry Forward 5k Events hosted nationwide. Two more in-person events are on the slate for 2023, but Eden tells us how folks can partake virtually to help put the mission in motion to put veterans and their communities in step.

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James Patterson and Matt Eversmann

Patterson and Eversmann answer questions from US Army veteran Sergio Alfaro and the Wounded Warrior Project’s Rob Louis about writing and the role their stories play in their healing processes and those of the readers.

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image of bertie-gregory

Bertie Gregory

We welcome an incredibly fascinating individual in world adventurer, photographer, and documentary filmmaker, Bertie Gregory. Bertie has an exclusive new series on Disney+, “Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory.” Bertie explains to Randy how he gets SO close to animals with his cameras and what viewers can expect to see in this great new series.

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image of Wounded Warrior Pro 2

Lindsey Gray

We welcome Lindsey Gray, Warrior Care Network Senior Specialist for Wounded Warrior Project, to the program to discuss the scourge of veteran suicide. Randy and Lindsey discuss some of the underlying causes of depression and suicidal ideation in the veteran community and what the Warrior Care Network is doing to help assist not only our veterans but their families and practitioners looking to get treatment for their PTS.

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image of 2024 Ford F150

Austin Davis

Nate Herron speaks with Ford F-150 Marketing Manager Austin Davis about the impressive new iteration of the best-selling vehicle of all time: the Ford F series! Austin and Nate talk about the work-and-play capabilities that the 2024 model offers folks and some of the unique features that will set this truck apart from the crowd.

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image of Avi Loeb

Avi Loeb

Randy Miller welcomes Harvard’s Department Chair of Astronomy, Avi Loeb, to talk about the recent reports and hearings on Capitol Hill regarding visitors from other systems coming to Earth. Randy and Avi talk about his research, including work in recovering tiny droplets from meteorites that differ significantly from any natural materials on Earth. As momentum builds amongst American officials to learn more about what or WHO might be out there, we’re happy to have an astrophysicist to break it all down for us!

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image of Nicholas and Bob Guccione

Nicholas Guccione

We welcome the youngest son of Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione, Nicholas Guccione, to the program to discuss the new series from A&E, “Secrets of Penthouse.” Randy and Nicholas talk about the publication, his father, and what people can expect from the new documentary series from our friends at A&E.

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image of Dr Ranu Jung

Dr. Ranu Jung

The University of Arkansas Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research has received a large grant from the Department of Defense to expand some groundbreaking clinical trials exploring restoring the sense of touch to those who have suffered limb loss. Here to discuss this exciting trial is Dr. Ranu Jung. Dr. Jung and Randy talk about how the shifting nature of conflict post-Iraq War has driven the need to support our servicemembers who lost limbs while serving our Nation.

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image of Nick Pope Ancient Aliens

Nick Pope

We welcome Nick Pope, UFO Investigator from the “Ancient Aliens” show. Nick and some of the best-known people from the hit TV series are touring North America, presenting their material and research on ancient and modern aliens in “Project Earth.” Randy and Nick talk about the recent hearings in Congress and the upcoming NASA report to be released soon.

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image of Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

We welcome longtime recording artist Rick Springfield to the show to discuss his life, career, and ongoing North America tour. Nate and Rick talk about Rick’s upbringing as the son of an Australian Army officer and his half-year tour supporting allied troops in Vietnam at the age of 17!

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image of Keltie Knight

Kelti Knight

Nate Herron welcomes Kelti Knight, Chief Correspondent for the E! Network, to talk about her new show on CBS and Paramount+ “Superfan.” Nate and Kelti talk about the show, a handful of the superstar performers who met some superfan contestants, and what people can look for in the season finale. Check out “Superfan” with Kelti and Nate Burleson on CBS and Paramount+.

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image of bryan clark

Bryan Clark

“Unalone and Unafraid” is the title of a new report released by the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology regarding the use of AI on the modern battlefield. Bryan Clark, the head of the Center supported by the Hudson Institute, joins the show to share details from this report, how people are both overreacting and maybe not being concerned enough about some of the facts surrounding artificial intelligence and its application on the battlefield.

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