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image of Five for Fighting singer sitting at a piano

John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting) Celebrity Salute

Randy Miller welcomes John Ondrasik, better known by his stage name Five for Fighting, to the show to discuss the highs and lows of his music career. Randy and John also discuss Five for Fighting’s unique relationship with the U.S. Military. John will support the upcoming Snowball Express with the Gary Sinise Foundation.

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image of Madison Marsh Miss America

Miss America Madison Marsh-Celebrity Salute

We welcome 2nd Lt. Madison Marsh, the first active-duty military member to be crowned Miss America, to the podcast. Madison and Randy talk about her recent win, her whirlwind schedule, and how her military com-padres have reacted to her historic crowning.

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image of Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil on Celebrity Salute

We welcome Dr. Phil back to the podcast to talk about his new book “We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong For America’s Soul and Sanity.” Randy and Dr. Phil talk about just a couple of the chapters and topics covered in this book and what people can expect from the book that features Dr. Phil’s unique worldview.

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image of Savannah Guthrie Mostly What God Does

Savannah Guthrie – Celebrity Salute

We are so happy to welcome back Savannah Guthrie to the pod to talk about her new book: “Mostly What God Does: Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere.” Randy and Savannah talk about the book, Valentine’s Day, working on TV, and more.

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image of Pete Turner

Pete Turner – Celebrity Salute

Buckle up, folks; we’re talking to an international man of mystery, Counterintelligence expert Pete Turner, who will fill us all in on some of his past work around the world, as well as a look at the current state of geopolitical conflicts around the world.

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image of Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer – Celebrity Salute

The Celebrity Salute podcast is happy to welcome actor Jon Cryer to the show to talk about his new show on NBC: “Extended Family.” The show centers on a family who goes through an amicable divorce and all of the tenderness and hilarity that can ensue.

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image of Kevin Emore

Kevin Emore – Celebrity Salute

We welcome the newly installed and first Executive Director of MilitaryConnected.org, Kevin Emore, to the program to talk about a wide range of topics, including his military service, his time playing on the West Point Hockey team, playing golf in Kenya, and most importantly, what MilitaryConnected.org does to help place our veterans into good paying and rewarding careers.

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image of Jon Voight

Jon Voight – Celebrity Salute

We welcome back Oscar-award winning actor Jon Voight to the show to talk about his life and career, and his new movie “The Painter.” Randy and Jon discuss the film, President’s throwing out first pitches, and much more in this great segment.

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image of Dave Barry

Dave Berry-Celebrity Salute

We welcome one of our favorite writers, Dave Barry, to the podcast to talk about his career and life living in the great state of Florida. Dave has a new book “Swamp Story: A Novel” where he details various exploits of “Florida Man” stories and how his life has influenced his incredible writing style.

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